The Show

Watch. Act. Laugh. Dance. Sing. Perform.
Learn more about the biggest show on campus.

What is the Show?

Almost a thousand in attendance. Hundreds of performers and crew. Ten acts. One day. All for the biggest show on campus.

Every year on the first Saturday of spring quarter, SASA and many of its partner RSOs present a show featuring several performances tied together by skits that present the underlying theme and message of the show. The show is a display of South Asian identity, culture, and conflicts and how these interact in the everyday lives of UChicago students. Past shows include a spy mission on campus, TV producers searching for the next big act, and a love story brewing in the midst of all the stresses of a UChicago student.

Learn more about how to get involved in the production of the show, and read more about the experiences of performers, creative directors, stage crew, and board members in the show that has sold out Mandel Hall for six years running.


Mission SASA (2019)

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SASA Presents: A Love Story (2018)

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The SASA Channel (2017)

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Get Involved


Volunteer to help serve dinner during show day, work on the tech team during show week rehearsal in Mandel Hall, or set up the decorations throughout Bartlett and Reynolds Club.


Sing or dance in one of the many inserts during the show. Auditions for acts begin in the winter quarter and practices usually require time commitments of a few hours per week during winter quarter and every day during show week (the first week of spring quarter).


The performances occur in conjunction with skits that guide viewers through the acts, main message, and theme of the show. Auditions to act in the skits begin in the winter quarter, and acting requires a time commitment of several hours per week.

Join Show Committee

Want to help write, film, and edit the skits of the show? Apply to join show committee and work with the show directors in the fall and winter quarter to bring the theme to life.

Join Tech Team

Manage the lights, sound, backstage logistics, filming, or any other technical parts that go into presenting the show. Sign up to either volunteer on and off stage during show week or to become the technical director during the production process.

Become a Creative Director

Want to choreograph one of the acts during the show, or create your own type of performance? Apply to be a creative director for the show. Responsibilities include envisioning an act, leading and managing your performers, and working with the show directors to implement your ideas in the context of this year's theme.

Become a Show Director

Direct the show and lead hundreds of performers, a show team, several creative directors, volunteers, and Mandel staff through a year of organizing and executing. Join SASA board next year by applying to be a show director.