Become a Mentor/Mentee

Program Description

In Fall 2018, SASA inaugurated the mentor-mentee program, where interested upperclassmen and underclassmen are matched based on interests and preferences.

The year begins with a meet-and-greet in the fall quarter to introduce those wanting to join the program, which is then followed by a pair reveal at the end of the quarter. Throughout the year, mentors and mentees participate in a bunch of exciting events hosted by the membership committee, including mixers, date nights, game nights, coffee chats, and karaoke.

Whether you're a first year eager to meet new people or a grad student excited to share your experiences, we encourage you to join the program this fall!

Meet the Pairs

Get to know some of our pairings from last year.

Mentee - Hi! My name is Anjali and I’m a second year Political Science major and potential HIPS and Human Rights double minor. Besides SASA, I do research in criminal justice reform and I’m a literacy tutor at an Elementary school. For fun, I love to play tennis and go to comedy shows and concerts. I love Indian food and music!! And I’m really excited to get more involved in SASA this year!
- Anjali '21

Mentor - My name is Lauren Hooda, a fourth year student from New York City currently at The University of Chicago! My personal, professional, and academic interests all vary, from pursuing a Chemistry major and Astronomy & Astrophysics minor, to being involved in consulting RSOs, Greek life, SASA, and the Trott Business program on campus, to completing different finance and banking internships over the summers. In addition, I love to bake, watch sci-fi movies, catch up with reality tv, read about women’s rights, and explore different coffee shops around Chicago.
- Lauren '20

Mentee - Hi! My name is Ashwin Prabhu, I’m from Hoffman Estates, IL, a suburb of Chicago. I’m planning on being an Econ-Public Policy double major. On campus, I’m on the Show Commitee and would like to be involved in Moneythink, hopefully a consulting RSO down the road, and maybe a film RSO. I’m interested in sports (huge Chicago sports fan), movies, podcasts (Favs: Freakonomics, This American Life) and TV (Favs: Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, This is Us, The Good Place).
- Ashwin '22

Mentor - I’m a fourth year from NJ, majoring in econ and stat. On campus, I’m involved with raas and used to be in MUNUC/ChoMUN. I like following politics, basketball, and soccer. In my free time, I like playing FIFA with my roommates, going for a run, and trying to cook edible food.
- Ishaan '19

Mentee - I'm a third year majoring in econ and minoring in stats and visual arts. I came in pre-med and leaning towards a neuro major but have since switched and I am now thinking of going into investment banking, but I still find biology really interesting. Outside of that, I love shopping, coffee (particularly Starbucks but cafes in general), avocado toast, playing pool (not well but for fun), and just talking. I usually work in the reg and prefer to eat at Baker when I have to choose a dining hall. I spend most of my free time with my friends and enjoy working out in the mornings. I have a major sweet tooth and love getting sugary snacks or coffee with people.
- Neha '21

Mentor - Hi, I'm Kriti! I'm a fourth year Political Science and Visual Arts double major. I'm currently the Director of Operations in SASA and was Membership Director last year as well. I'm from Calcutta, India but am ethnically from ALL over India (I'm a mutt), and if you're ever really curious I'll draw you a pie chart. I'm also a FRAT BRO (a active brother in APO, the community service fraternity on campus) and on the Board of FOTA (Festival of the Arts). I like dogs, naps, snacks, warm weather and a wide range of music.
- Kriti '20