Be more involved in the general body of SASA by joining a family.

When you join SASA, you join a big family of perfomers, motivated students, and community members. But, meeting all of all of our members may be a pretty daunting task for many in our large general body meetings. So, all SASA members are highly encouraged to join one of our smaller families - groups of about ten people ranging from first years to grad students interested in getting to know a smaller subset of SASA.

Each family is led by experienced SASA members and board members, and is a great opportunity to make friends who are heavily involved in our programs and activities or who want to meet some cool people at our events. Throughout the year, programming will include family outings, inter-family competitions, chai chats, and getting-to-know-you speed dating.

Families are a great way to get to know other members of SASA in a low stress environment, and they offer a more focused community than just joining the general body but a larger and more diverse group than just having a mentor or mentee. Read about our family heads, choose your preferences, and sign up now!